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Good questions about Success

Article that makes you think about what is really important in life and what is really success   If society sees you as a success, but you fail as a parent were you really successful?

Consciously or not, the Rangers are gambling that when Darvish lives far away from his two little boys, his belief that the games are important will triumph over how much he misses them.

Texas Rangers taking a chance by trying to sign Yu Darvish – Michael Rosenberg –


History and Guide to NFL Defenses

The NY Times isn’t normally the website that you think of having great football reporting, but they have an in-depth and educational series on the different defensive schemes in football over time.  Looks like it will come out in 7 parts and the first 3 are already published.  Probably more information that you want to know as a causal fan, but for those looking to understand a little more about the history and origin of the defensive schemes you watch today, the series is enlightening.

I will update this post as new articles in the series are published..


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