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Trinity Study – What it does and doesn’t tell you almost 20 years later

You may not know the “Trinity Study” but it helped bring together the idea of the 4% withdrawal rate for retirement, but this article details some of the limitations to better understand how to use it.

Find out all there is to know about the famous Trinity Study, the origin of the 4% Rule that started the entire FIRE movement.

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Football without helmets, will it make a difference?

I played football from 4th grade till 11th.  It was a sport that forced me to grow physically and mentally. I interacted with kids that I wouldn’t normally have done things with and had some really great coaches.  Coaches that helped me become who I am today as a person, much more than as an athlete.  With all that said I am not sure that I would push my son to play football.  With all the findings and discussions related to head trauma, concussions, and injuries I am just not sure it would be worth the risk.  We love football at our house, but it makes me really think.  So this article caught my eye.

Can changes not just to the equipment, but to the practice techniques and coaching help to keep football from becoming boxing?


Why I pay extra for “business-class” broadband at home | Ars Technica

I have had this one in my queue to publish for a long time, but I thought I might toss it out there tonight.  While I wont recommend Comcast to anyone if they had the choice, if you have to use them strongly consider Business Class service.  The technicians, both on the phone and on site, are more skilled and are generally move empowered to solve problems.

Why I pay extra for “business-class” broadband at home | Ars Technica.


What is the impact of being watched on your job?

The recent issues with police use of force in a variety of locations have raised new issues related to body cameras for force across the country. While the general view from police officers seems to be against them, the studies linked below seem to suggest they may be helpful. I start to wonder if the police body camera will be like the dash camera 10 to 15 years. Once officers are more comfortable with the change they may see the advantages of an impartial observer in most cases.

The article also mentions the impact in a restaurant being studied. The impact for the owner was great and possibly for the employees since the overall revenue was increased.

It does raise questions related to continuous monitoring in all aspects of our lives. Does the protection that the camera’s provide in some cases become pervasive surveillance of Orwellian fears?

Techdirt Article


Cover Indiana 2014 – The Whole Family

Update May 12th, 2014

Thanks again to all our supporters.  We raised over $1,400 dollars.  The ride was tough much of the day with a strong head wind, but we made it.  Jonathan encouraged us with animal spotting and songs.  A big thanks to my parents for providing SAG support.  It was great to have our own personal helpers in case we ran into trouble!


Last year Everette and Jonathan (our then five-year-old son) rode over 50 miles as part of the Cover Indiana Bike Tour for Habitat for Humanity. Raising money and awareness for the organization that builds homes for people without them.


This year Megan (mom) wasn’t content to just drive the SAG wagon.  She’s strapping on her helmet and joining the ride.

This year our goal is to raise $3000 for our local Lafayette Habitat Chapter.  Be a part of the fun, donate now! No. Really. Donate. We need your money.

Donate Here 

Then tune in Sunday May 11 and track our progress. Right Here on the website!

Track Us Live Here


See that! See that Map! We are going to ride our bikes all over that map! Go Team Mills!!

Cover Indiana Final Map



Cover Indiana Bike Tour 2013

JDM and Dad Bike Trip

Dad and Son in Training!

I have been involved with Lafayette Habitat for over 5 years now as a Board Member, IT Volunteer, and occasional builder.  It is a great organization that changes lives and has transformed neighborhoods in Lafayette!  Support us and Lafayette Habitat!!!

My 5 year old and I will be participating in the Cover Indiana Ride for the first leg between Lafayette and Crawfordsville on Sunday May 5th covering 51 Miles!!!

5/6/2013 Update

Start of the day

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Thanks to everyone who supported us.  We were able to hit our goal of $1000 and surpass it hitting $1234.  That is a little more than $23/mile.  Other than a tough head wind on the last part of the trip was great and JDM had an awesome time!  Good luck to all the riders going for the full 7 days have a safe and fun trip!  Above is a series of pictures from our trip and below is a picture of the route we took.

You can still Donate here
Cover Indiana Final Map

The True Cost of High School Dropouts

It never really crossed my mind that dropping out of High School was a possibility when I was going to school.  The reasons are varied,  but I had great parents that pushed education, a pretty good school system, and the social structure I grew up in.  What shocked me in reading this article was this statement:

Only 7 of 10 ninth graders today will get high school diplomas

In today’s economy the chance of a person without a high school degree of successfully supporting a family are likely to be low, but the discussion of the societal cost points to a low return on our investment when nothing is done.    Read the article and see what you think.

The True Cost of High School Dropouts.