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History and Guide to NFL Defenses

The NY Times isn’t normally the website that you think of having great football reporting, but they have an in-depth and educational series on the different defensive schemes in football over time.  Looks like it will come out in 7 parts and the first 3 are already published.  Probably more information that you want to know as a causal fan, but for those looking to understand a little more about the history and origin of the defensive schemes you watch today, the series is enlightening.

I will update this post as new articles in the series are published..


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Do we really know how to study???

Check out this link from the NY Times that talks about some of the latest research on how to really study effectively

Basically, don’t believe anything that you learned in school or that you read in the average back to school, get you kid on a schedule article online or in the newspaper.

Even if you are not headed back to school, it gives you some tips on simple techniques you can use to study more effectively.