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Good questions about Success

Article that makes you think about what is really important in life and what is really success   If society sees you as a success, but you fail as a parent were you really successful?

Consciously or not, the Rangers are gambling that when Darvish lives far away from his two little boys, his belief that the games are important will triumph over how much he misses them.

Texas Rangers taking a chance by trying to sign Yu Darvish – Michael Rosenberg –


Daily Link of Interest

It has been a while since I posted to the blog.  I seem to gather a bunch of interesting things and then post them all at once.  However, I am going to try something new.  Till the end of October I am going to post a Daily Link of Interest (DLOI).

Look for the first one in just a few minutes!


How to learn from a diaster?

I was reading this article a couple days ago and it really made me start to think.  Many of the problems I face both in my professional life and personal life are technical in nature, but the root cause or more importantly the way to prevent them from happening  wasn’t technical in nature at all.

The focus was on building an organization that had characteristics like:

  • “Mutual respect, enjoyable work”
  • “Authentic, aligned, efficient action”
  • “Express authentic appreciation”
  • “Appropriately include others”

These sound like simple steps, but knowing people and organization these can be hard to change.

As a side note the person mentioned in the article setup a consulting company to help organizations change named 4-D Systems.


What is the human cost of playing in the NFL?

I love football, college a little more than the NFL, but during the fall on most Sunday afternoons you will find me watching football.  However, this article makes you think about the impact to the individual players.  What about the physical impact to college players that never recieve the financial benefits of playing in the NFL?


“The Economist’s Guide to Parenting” — What can a parent really change?

Listened to this podcast several months ago, but was talking with my wife about it last night.  The podcast suggests that parents don’t have a life long impact on there kid’s earning.  However, we can have a impact on other parts of there lives.  Listen below and find out: The Economist’s Guide to Parenting

Freakonomics » New Freakonomics Radio Podcast: “The Economist’s Guide to Parenting”.