Cover Indiana Bike Tour 2013

JDM and Dad Bike Trip

Dad and Son in Training!

I have been involved with Lafayette Habitat for over 5 years now as a Board Member, IT Volunteer, and occasional builder.  It is a great organization that changes lives and has transformed neighborhoods in Lafayette!  Support us and Lafayette Habitat!!!

My 5 year old and I will be participating in the Cover Indiana Ride for the first leg between Lafayette and Crawfordsville on Sunday May 5th covering 51 Miles!!!

5/6/2013 Update

Start of the day

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Thanks to everyone who supported us.  We were able to hit our goal of $1000 and surpass it hitting $1234.  That is a little more than $23/mile.  Other than a tough head wind on the last part of the trip was great and JDM had an awesome time!  Good luck to all the riders going for the full 7 days have a safe and fun trip!  Above is a series of pictures from our trip and below is a picture of the route we took.

You can still Donate here
Cover Indiana Final Map
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