Music Appreciation Project Followup

I know that I haven’t posted anything about my music appreciation project in the last month, but it has been a big success.  I enjoyed listening to a number of different stations including the Avett Brothers and Eric Clapton.  I found a couple new artist that I really enjoy and have a great new station on Pandora; Joshua Radin.  I have been listening to the Joshua Radin station for the last couple of weeks and it has a great mix of music, with very few duds.

Below is a list of artist’s that I have found to be very interesting and enlightening.

One Response to “ Music Appreciation Project Followup ”

  1. Today is the first time in a long time that I have read your blog. It is with out a doubt the ffirst time I have responded.
    As far as artist to listen to I can only respond with oldies from the 70’s. If you are a rhythm guy check out the works of Paul Simon. He loves to play with the beat, or the Crosby Still Nash and Young. those four had some of the tightest four part harmonies in the day. The Eagles have gotten very good in the last 10 years with their vocals and music( they should be, after all ,if you play it enough).
    My taste also flow to the obscure like the Moodie Blues
    and Gordan Lightfoot. So don’t hold me accountable for taste. Have fun listening.

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